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Simply Fast Websites Website Design In Fond du Lac, WI


We pride ourselves on where we started & where we are today. Click to read more About Us & our expertise.

Shane the founder of Simply Fast Websites in Fond du Lac, WI.
Justin the Co-Owner of Simply Fast Websites in Fond du Lac, WI.
Jasper Website manager of Simply Fast Websites in Fond du Lac, WI.
Justin partner of Simply Fast Websites in Fond du Lac, WI.

Shane Hernandez

Early 2002 is where I began building websites. I played a game called Runescape, and wanted to build a website for my clan. So I used a platform called Geocities to build my first ever website.


I had a passion for the website development scene but never did anything with the skill I developed until the age of 28. 


6 years later at the age of 34, I have helped many business owners build high quality websites, and always wanted to find a way to make the websites I create to be super affordable for even the smallest business owner.

After years of deep thought, drawn up plans, and attempts, I've finally come up with the solution that I've been looking for to help the heart of our communities build a high quality affordable website for their businesses.

If you've been interested in creating a website, but have been unsure due to lack of time, skillset, or price then you need to book a time to talk with me today!

Justin Sobojinski

Soon to come....

Joel Grier

Meet Joel Grier, a down-to-earth individual with a remarkable life story. Originally hailing from the bustling city of Wichita, Kansas, Joel's life took an exciting turn when he, alongside his family, decided to make the move to the charming town of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Joel's strong sense of family values has always been at the core of his identity, driving his choices and actions.

However, Joel's journey didn't stop there. Intrigued by the world of website design and eager to broaden his horizons, he took the plunge and joined the Simply Fast Websites team. With a genuine passion for learning and a desire to contribute, Joel has become an integral part of the team, infusing his unique perspective into every project he touches.

Levy Demegillo

Justin Wiechman

Soon to come....

Jasper Chan

Hey there! My name is Jasper, a Website Designer. Now let me tell you a little story.


When we got our first computer, I got hooked immediately with it. At first, it was just games that I loved about computers and then after a while I discovered new things that I can do with it. I built my first website way back in high school, which was around 2013. Since then, my interest grew day by day and that pushed me to pursue a degree in Information Technology. During that time, we were taught pretty much about anything that involves with computers, internet, softwares, hardwares, programming, website development, and software development.


I started my career as a Website Designer and it was an amazing experience. For 1 year and 7 months as a Website Designer with the previous company that I have worked on, I built and contributed to a lot of websites for many different businesses. What I love about what I do is that every time I work with websites for businesses, I feel like I am a part of their growth and seeing my work all around the internet makes me proud of myself.


If you want your business to have a wide and strong presence all over the internet, we at SimplyFastWebsites can help YOU!

Joe Curcurio

Joseph Curcurio is a passionate videographer from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, who has nurtured his love for video production since childhood. His journey into videography began with a curiosity for capturing life's moments and has evolved into a lifelong pursuit. Joseph is known for documenting the essence of his hometown, celebrating its culture and community through his videos. He combines technical expertise with artistic sensitivity, creating a unique blend of storytelling that resonates with his viewers.

Hi there! I’m Levy Demegillo, and I fell in love with web design back in November 2021. It all started as a fun little experiment, and before I knew it, I was hooked!


I use tools like WordPress, Elementor, Shopify, Squarespace, and Wix to bring your online dreams to life. Whether you need a sleek storefront or a stylish blog, I've got you covered.


I was interviewed as a guest speaker in Website Academy Philippines and Freelance in the Philippines 2.0. Both are big communities in the Philippines. But what really drives me is making a difference. Helping businesses thrive and voices be heard online—that's what gets me out of bed in the morning.


So, whether you're starting from scratch or looking to spruce up your online presence, I'm here to help.

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